Methagu (2021) Movie Review: A Brilliant Look at Domestic Violence

Methagu (2021) Movie Review: A Brilliant Look at Domestic Violence

Genres:Methagu (2021) Movie Review: A Brilliant Look at Domestic Violence "Methagu" is a brillia…

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Methagu (2021) Movie Review: A Brilliant Look at Domestic Violence

"Methagu" is a brilliant look at domestic violence. It’s a short film written and directed by Brendan McFarlane and starring his wife Maggie as Jennifer, a woman struggling with spousal abuse. 

The story is simple: Jennifer is a woman who is abused in her marriage to her husband, John. Although she knows deep down that he’s not the man he should be, she continues to stay with him due to their two children. 

As the film progresses, her life becomes more and more complicated and she is faced with the difficult decision of whether sticking around is worth the pain.

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Cast and characters:

Kutti Manni

Easwar Pasha



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Directed By - T kittu

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Genre - Political Thriller, Biography Movie

Language - Tamil

Release Date - 25 June 2021


Methagu (2021) Movie Introduction
Methagu (2021) Movie Introduction 

Writer/Director Sumaresh Azeez's maiden feature-film project 'Methagu' was conceptualised in the summer of 2017. With the absence of any silver-screen productions in the 'fall' season, the idea for this film was to take advantage of the weather in the month of August. 

The film subsequently gained significant attention when director Sam Zimdars, film scholar, former English Department Chair at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the author of more than forty scholarly publications on South Asian cinema and culture, selected 'Methagu' as one of the five films that resonated with him from 2018. 

Azeez was shocked to hear of the nod from Sam. A few people who knew the film were skeptical as to why a newcomer would take on such a challenging project.

The story of Methagu

Methagu (2021) Movie Story
Methagu (2021) Movie Story

The story of Methagu starts with a young Muthulakshmi, a wealthy woman who owns a vegetable farm, who is engaged to be married to Siva, a farmer from Kovilakam. 

One fine day, he comes to her home with a dead fish, a possible result of the bitter water he was washing the fish in. When she asked for the fish, Siva said he accidentally dropped it. 

During their engagement, Siva repeatedly abused his mother who often comes to their home to help out. On one occasion, Muthulakshmi told her mother that Siva was pulling her hair when she was talking. 

This upsets her mother, who ends up slapping Siva in front of her daughter, which breaks Muthulakshmi's heart. However, the incident does not end here.

Domestic abuse in India

Methagu (2021) Movie Domestic Abuse
Methagu (2021) Movie Domestic Abuse

by Sweta Kaushal MAMI 2018 The biopic 'Methagu', which means 'His Excellency' in Tamil, is the name of the biopic, scheduled for international release on November 26. 

The day also marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In a move that will be applauded by millions of people, particularly women, 'Methagu' is the latest attempt by Tamil director Ram. 

In a short span of time, Ram has managed to capture the lives of some of the most prominent actors from South India. A narration by Sathish is a subplot that holds importance in the story. The story is about a poor man who must repay a loan given to him by his friend. 

The dialogue "koodu hatha koodu eni enunai" sums up the dilemma of a man desperately in need of money.


Methagu (2021) Movie Cast
Methagu (2021) Movie Cast

Nayanthara, Akshara Haasan Director Saravanan Balakrishnan Rating 4.5/5 Nayanthara's filmography is a litany of heartfelt performances. From films like 'Thiruda Thirudi', 'Puthiya Thalaimagan', 'Puli' and 'Vedalam', her acting has shone. 

This year, her 'Lady Superstar' act in 'Aramm' and 'Maattrraan' impressed one and all. More importantly, this performance comes on the heels of a fine 'Imma Anitha' and 'Immanum Aralukalum' in the recent past. 

The teasers of her latest film, 'Methagu', drew a lot of attention. With ample amount of violence, the first look gave the impression of a politically-inspired revenge drama, but it turns out to be a tragi-comic tale of a domestic abuse victim and a serial killer.


Methagu (2021) Movie Plot
Methagu (2021) Movie Plot

Suman (Sivakarthikeyan), the son of a successful industrialist, is forced into an arranged marriage with Vadivu (Althaf Salim). He tries to file a domestic violence case against his in-laws. This not only jeopardises the family's stability, but also Suman's health. 

When things become too much to handle, Suman moves in with his cousin Ranga Rao (Prashanth). Suman's uncle Chandrasekhar (Kiccha Sudeep), who is close to Vadivu, convinces him to support his brother-in-law's marriage and gets him fired from his job. 

Suman forms a local gang with the hopes of intimidating the neighbourhood and murder his wife and her family. However, Suman's loyal friend Gopi (Ajithkumar), who doesn't want Suman to fall in line with his evil plot, encourages him to fight back.

Final Thoughts

Considering the kind of film it is, the makers of 'Methagu' should be commended for the type of film it is. With no powerful heroine, the film's main focus is on a male protagonist, whom the audience will surely relate to. 

It is easy to relate to the underdog; a common man who has to fight all odds in order to earn a living. He is shown making a living by dealing in drugs. In short, he is a victim of domestic violence. 

A crime against women which has been documented all too often, in several films. With a strong support cast, which includes Thambi Ramaiah, Aditi Sharma, Aravind Akash and others, it is noteworthy that the only female character appears in a brief role, that of Parvathy's. 

The importance of Parvathy's character as a pivotal figure cannot be missed.