Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must-Watch Sports Thriller

Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must-Watch Sports Thriller

Genres:Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must-Watch Sports Thriller Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movi…

Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download
Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must-Watch Sports Thriller

Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must-Watch Sports Thriller The film is a sports thriller film directed by Gopichand Malineni. The film is a remake of the 2017 Telugu film of the same name, which was also directed by Malineni. 

    Bigil is a biographical sports film that tells the story of Footballer Billy, who is born in a slum and has to fight his way out. The film stars Joseph Vijay, Nayanthara And Jackie Shroff.

    It’s been weeks since I watched the Hindi Dubbed movie Bigil (2019) and I still can’t get over it. As you guys know, I’m a huge sports fan and I’m always looking for a good sports movie to watch. 

    And I found one. Bigil (2019) is a sports thriller and I loved every second of it. This movie is a must-watch. Read on to find out what makes Bigil so good.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Joseph Vijay - Joseph VijayRayappan / Michael Rayappan (Bigil)

    Nayanthara - Angel Aasirvatham

    Jackie Shroff - J.K. Sharma

    Vivek - Nessi

    Kathiri - Kathir

    Daniel Balaji - Daniel

    Anandraj - Rayappan's friend

    Directed By - Atlee Kumar


    Genre - Action, Drama And Sport

    Language - Hindi And Tamil 

    Release Date - 25 October 2019

    What is the movie about?

    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Is About
    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Is About

    The most remarkable thing about Bigil (2019) is that it is a drama with a strong political undercurrent about a legendary football player who emerges as the hero in his town and whose sacrifices do not only save the lives of his family but also make them a pride of the citizens of his locality. 

    In an age where men's roles are being taken over by women in many matters, such as education and careers, we see a father avenging his son's death. 

    An accomplished actor with a promising future, Bigil (Michael Rayappan) was a talented football player who was tragically cut short at an early age. For a long time, he played the lead role in the small-town team where he was affectionately known as the "good apple".

    Plot of the Movie

    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Plot
    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Plot

    The movie is about a former Indian football player Michael Rayappan (Joseph Vijay), who finds himself at a crossroad in life and when he finds out that he has a son, he embarks on a mission to protect him from a rival football team. 

    Director of the Movie Atlee Kumar is well known for directing Bhoomi (2019) and his latest release is yet another sports biopic which is based on the life of a football player, a former India international (Amit Sadh).

     who was seriously injured during an on-field collision during a football match and has since then been working with youngsters and making sure that they develop the same passion and the skills needed to play a football match.

    What did I think?

    What I Think About Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie
    What I Think About Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie 

    you get a thrill watching this one from start to finish. Just as in sports, what happens on the field of play may seem petty but can have consequences down the line. 

    This film had me right from the first line. Who wouldn’t like to see how a women's football team goes from the black-spot of the sport to challenging the men's club? It is part of a different era, but the stakes and spirit are still high. 

    This movie hits home to anyone who followed in the footsteps of a sportsperson who fell from grace. Even though this is not a sports film per se, the social messages are quite engaging and similar to the way sports films like Milo and Sunday's Warrior are told.

    The film's strengths

    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Strengths
    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Strengths

    Although the characters and the screenplay aren't explicitly connected to the sport, they are characters that one wouldn't mind watching throughout the movie. The ensemble cast helps keep things alive. The main story arc has enough pathos and weight to sustain itself. 

    It also helps that Nayanthara's character is the one and only voice of reason, hope and promise. There is nothing wrong with a film featuring cricketers; the protagonist, a big-name player is only a plus. 

    The screenplay tries to push boundaries but loses some of its steam in the final act. The scene where Nayanthara's character asks her teammates to leave, holds on to the hope of an imperfect love story. It is also the film's small flaws that ensure that it's not a complete waste of time.

    The film's weaknesses

    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Weakness
    Bigil (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie Weakness

    The first time I saw a football match, I was at an IIT-Madras football match, and the match-day experience left me unmoved. I do not recall anything about the match but I do remember the 'top-deck' part of the arena, an enclosure that included a restaurant, a bar and a bookshop. There were kids to the left of me. 

    Kids, who, while watching the match, munch on chicken-nuggets and burgers. And, to the right, they were surrounded by the sports cognoscenti: students, professionals, middle-aged men, retirees and empty-eyed children. 

    For me, it was all business; I think there were a few high-fives and a few beers. I had no idea what these people were talking about. A different 'scene' awaited me at the peak of the match when the players would take a break, change their kit and rest.

    My Rating

    4.5/5 The new year opens with the kind of film it was probably meant to end with—a little football (football for the uninitiated), a little war (a war over women’s rights), and the most appropriate adjective ever—patriotism. Not a tear or so much as a gasp is seen, until you look closer. 

    And then you have the only let down of the film, probably because patriotism is never meant to be a dark shade of grey. The first shot of Bigil (pre-title credit) is a puny little football player (Mohanlal) squaring off against a much bigger, stronger and heavier teammate (Nedumudi Venu). The screen then immediately goes white, before displaying the name ‘KL Rahul’.


    Bigil (2019) Movie, a sports drama starring Joseph Vijay as a former football player who trains a women's football team. A year later, with the cash from the movie now gone, the writer-director-producer Kalpathi S. Agoram returns with Bigil (2019). 

    A thriller-drama set against the backdrop of the Indian Premier League. Joseph Vijay, playing the real-life protagonist who is trying to return to the field after a stroke, is joined by Jackie Shroff as his mentor and Anandraj (as Rayappan's old friend) as a local businessman. 

    Vijay cuts the first reel into two, not only giving us the football sequences, but also the second-half when the killer of Joseph's father starts contacting his family.


    Malayalam actor Atlee Kumar has made a second feature film. Titled Bigil, it deals with the cruelties inherent in a sports scenario and the malaise of amateurs relying on government schemes to develop the sport in their own vicinity. 

    The film is a must-watch and should be viewed as part of the growing canon of realistic sports dramas, all of them with the exception of Borgen or, better, Jawaani Jaaneman. 

    Having made his feature film debut with the 2016 Anukokunda Oru Sankeerthanam Paksha, Siddharth moves away from the Vasanthabalan school of filmmaking to render an intimate portrait of his life in real-time. A football player, he now uses the second name Suresh, short for Steve.