Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must Watch! Action Thriller

Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must Watch! Action Thriller

Genres:Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must Watch! Action Thriller Sarkar is a 2018 Indian Tami…

Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download
Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Must Watch! Action Thriller

Sarkar is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language political crime thriller film written and directed by A. L. Vijay. The film stars Vijay and Keerthy Suresh. The film was released on 6 November 2018.

    Sarkar is a movie that will redefine your expectations of Tamil cinema. It will tell you that the power lies in the people. It will tell you that this power is yours for the taking. It will tell you that you are not helpless to violence and injustice. It will tell you that you have the power to stand up and fight. It will tell you that it’s time to change.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The  Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Joseph Vijay - Sundar Ramasamy

    Keerthy Suresh - Nila

    Varalaxmi Sarathkumar - Komalavalli (Pappa)

    Pala Karuppaiah - M. Masilamani

    Radha Ravi - Malarvannan

    Yogi Babu - Kaushik

    Joy Badlani - Bar Club Owner

    Directed By - A.R. Murugadoss

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    Genre - Action, Drama

    Language - Hindi And Tamil 

    Release Date - 06 November 2018

    The Plot

    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Plot
    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Plot

    Sundar Ramasamy is a powerful and wealthy man who has led a lucrative career. His estranged wife Nila is upset and worried about him after her father suffers a stroke and he starts depending heavily on her. She gets up the courage to leave him for a foreign businessman in order to protect her father and return to the family business. 

    The Foreigner is a worker from the U.S. trying to get his due share of the business. Sundar wants him to stay in India to keep the crime rate down. When he starts investigating Sundar, the Foreigner gets entangled in a web and suddenly finds himself in a sticky situation. 

    What follows is a remarkable story of true love, family and revenge. The actor Joseph Vijay, who is known to be an extraordinary actor, could have chosen a role that would elevate him to another level.

    Sarkar (2018) Movie Review

    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review
    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

    Unaware that all the investments have been made through illegal means, Sundar (Joseph Vijay) sets out to expose the thieves. Once convinced that he is the victim of an illegal deal. 

    Sundar reluctantly consents to assist in the legal process but loses all faith in it when the matter is put to rest through a Bombay High Court decision that overturns the High Court verdict and upholds the illegality of the entire deal. 

    Enraged, he forms a vigilante group of influential people who are sick of this kind of dirty political and business nexus, taking the name 'Tharki'. He works at the behest of the Supreme Court and starts getting involved in a lot of illegal activities and even a few criminal cases, but now more than ever his efforts seem futile.

    The Cinematography

    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Cinemetography
    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Cinemetography 

    The film is stylishly shot and that works in the favour of it, as the director Vijay Subramaniam doesn't overpower it with his ‘look and feel’. From the backdrop shots in the first half to the dialogues in the second half, the visuals are in sync with the narrative. 

    Gurukiran does a splendid job with his camera work. The highlight of the film is the panoramic shots of Paris and Budapest. While the background score is interesting, it is Dil Raju’s brilliant lyrics that work in the favour of the film. 

    “Sogha Puthiran” has got a special mention. Puneeth Rajkumar’s Entry The star cast is exceptional, and I must say Puneeth Rajkumar’s voice isn’t bad either! Not A Film For Everyone People who are not fond of politics and politicians should definitely avoid watching the film.

    The Dialogues

    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Dialogues
    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Dialogues

    "Politics, be it local or national, is dirty business. There is no one way to win, but I don't think you get a second chance to make a first impression," - Kalanidhi Maran, producer-star, Sarkar. 

    "If there's one problem that women face in this country, it's that we can be thieves, murderers and yet we are branded as angelic. I find it difficult to call them thieves," - Kalanidhi Maran, producer-star, Sarkar. "You may fail, but you can't fail at everything else. 

    I've failed many times in life but I'm doing alright, thank you," - Keerthy Suresh, actress, Sarkar. The Cast Joseph Vijay is the heart and soul of Sarkar. He is the Election commissioner (Shivashankar), and the rightful chief minister (Poorna).

    The Message

    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Message
    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Message

    The message is loud and clear. All politicians must deliver justice, irrespective of which party they belong to or their net worth. In Sarkar, A.R. Murugadoss predictable masala entertainer, a shrewd politician learns that a criminal he has exposed is no ordinary miscreant but a powerful politician himself. 

    Even though some twists in the story are less than believable, the setting is fantastic and the cast, especially Rajnikanth work their socks off. Sarkar boasts of a stellar cast. The second spot belongs to A.R. Murugadoss. 

    The filmmaker has given his usual bravado and unbridled fervour to the project. He doesn't attempt to explain why a politician will behave in a certain way.

    The Story

    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Story
    Sarkar (2018) Hindi Dubbed Movie Story

    Sundar Ramasamy (Joseph Vijay) is a successful businessman and a fairly honest businessman. He is also an ardent NRI and his friends make him a GM of a company in Canada. 

    His work takes him to India on a regular basis and he is glad to live the Indian way of life and never even dreams of voting in the country. While on a business trip in Hyderabad, Devunath learns that his vote has been cast in someone else’s name, however he doesn’t get to know what went wrong. 

    He soon loses his business interests to his younger brother, changes the business purpose of his current trip to go scuba diving and soon makes it clear to the higher authorities that he will not vote unless the case is solved. What Follows..

    The trailer

    Thirukumaran, who is known for the grandeur of his subjects, tries something new with this film, albeit not entirely successfully. A project of his which got delayed, it was supposedly called It has a star cast consisting of Joseph Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Pala Karuppaiah, besides a cameo appearance by Rajnikanth. 

    It is an ideal mix of patriotic and commercial cinema, with a tinge of conspiracy that sets it apart. Jayamohan's storytelling is methodical, but the way he uses the narrative devices to fit the narrative to the events, seems at best ham-fisted and at worst borderline incompetent. Thirukumaran has delivered a solid look at the rise of India.


    In Sarkar, A.R. Murugadoss's second directorial venture after 2009's Apaharan, yet again, his obsession with the idea of making a 'real' Indian film brings him face to face with a group of people who want to check every 'real' Indian film for its authenticity and 'real' human blood.

     The result is a film that feels quite 'real' but also feels very 'filmy'. Sarkar's protagonists are from a local election committee that is looking to get rid of corrupt politicians. 

    The film's larger narrative begins at this point, with Sundar Ramasamy (Joseph Vijay), an NRI from Hyderabad who hires Sundar Ramasamy's character to open up voting for a fictitious NRI candidate (Joseph Vijay), whose election campaign has the politicians on the wrong end.